About Us

In 1996, we purchased a 40 acre piece of property in Sonoma County, half way between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen, in a beautiful place called Bennett Valley. It was bare land, the only accoutrement was a worn out picnic table. That picnic table served as the starting point for the adventure we embarked on and now sits under a majestic oak by the pond as a reward for helping us see the vision that was to be Red Dog Vineyards. Seventeen years later, we have seen the fulfillment of our dream of owning country property with a vineyard. It has been a lot of work, work that never stops as we continuously make improvements to the land.

Along with the adventure of creating an oasis where once cows were put out to pasture, we have been instilled with a very deep love of the pinot noir grape and the fine wines that are produced by this finicky varietal. This blog will attempt to connect other pinot noir lovers to share events, favorite bottles, and even foods that are pinot noir friendly. It will also serve as “A Day in the Life of a Vineyard Dog”. Which brings us to the catch…the catch is that we are actually having the ranch namesake, Honey, a beautiful little fox red lab, write the blog. She is always at our side, has appeared at many wine events, and knows the lingo. She is as familiar with the words “nose”, “tannin”, and “finish” as she is with the words “cookie”, “bunny”, and “walk”, and has a better writing style to boot!

We hope you enjoy the blog!

Tom, Debbie & Honey Engel

Update 2013: Friends, there has been a slight change in the focus of this blog. Mom has decided that she wants to write a few posts too! So enjoy her occasional ramblings about food, travel, and the vineyard, but know that when you want the real dirt you will look for my wisdom on the pages!   XOXO, Honey

Tom and Debbie Engel