And The Beat Goes On…

My last post was on Oct. 8th, 2017, day one of the infamous fires that ravaged Sonoma County that fall. An almost wordless post, it was more a tribute to the resiliency of the people of Sonoma County and our cherished first responders. The County was again threatened this past week with hot temperatures and dry winds from the east, the perfect conditions for a repeat performance of the tragedy. Infrastructure failsafes are now in place but to say many suffer from PTSD during these red flag episodes would not be an overstatement.

Today in an attempt to restart my stalled blog, I am posting a more light-hearted story. However, light-hearted is a relative term because as a vineyard owner, we now have to add bears to the list of possible crop spoilers that we have to contend with every season. Click here to enjoy this story about the bears of Navarro Winery in Alexander Valley. At least they have a sophisticated palate!

Black bear, cinnamon phase, in forest


Story from Food&

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  1. peter m gorman

    And we all thought you were moving to paradise! Wildfires, bears, droughts! Sounds more like frontier survival. But we are happy to Honey is back up and on-line again. Be safe!

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