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Iceland – 1.5 days in

It’s 12:00 midnight and we are in Skogar, on the southern coast of Iceland. Our first night was a pretty much benign visit to Reykjavik, the capital and, you know, the typical; good food, City center walk, three hour nap, another City center walk, more good food, two shots of Jäger (yes, you read that right!) and a last hit of Icelandic Schnapps or as they call it Black Death. Slept well…next morning, lets hit some sites! Golden Circle, check…wait! We are almost stuck in the snow on the way to the geysers and from what I have heard a pretty incredible waterfall. Bummer, we beat a hasty retreat. On to Skogar along the southern coast…maybe we will have better luck?

GPS! OMG!  What a nightmare. Good thing we have our wits about us and know when Garmin of Iceland is off her rocker! But more about that later. On the way to our destination, we meet some shaggy Icelandic ponies, some inquisitive sheep who came out to greet us as we walked along the road, and argue with Siri of Garmin, henceforth known as Sarmin. Finally we arrive at…

Skogar…lovely little town, lovely falls. Our hotel is cute and clean and exactly where we thought it would be despite Sarmin. We unpack, open some wine and relax for a few. Dinner is at 9 so why not hit the hottub and sauna? It’s crowded, but we can finish our bottle there…

So, how many people does it take in a hottub in Iceland to have fun? Well as it turns out, not that many, especially if they are native Icelanders! After we lamented the poor Sarmin directions, we heard a really sad GPS story: the guy from New Jersey who two weeks ago believed too much in his Garmin ( Mind you, the guy is a Icelandic folk legend now! BTW, Sarmin does not like Reykjavik. We know, as she tried to send us to the local Íslandsbanki 20 minutes outside the capital city. Our first day!!! Thanks Sarmin, we could use the cash on this trip but we really don’t think their lounge is all that comfy.

Another topic: how not to get killed in Iceland…always good to know! Don’t trust your Garmin, don’t turn your back on the sea on the black beaches at Vik, and don’t climb on the active icebergs at Glacier Bay! Wow! A wealth of good advice all of which we will heed! Thank you, gang…great time, new friends!

Anyway, we are tucked in, it’s late and I am on Northern Lights patrol. Nothing yet, but the weather is clear and the wind is howling so why wouldn’t I want to put on my snow pants and parka and head outside for the show? Maybe I will invite Sarmin to tag along…

Maybe pics tomorrow…Wordpress is not cooperating! Good night!



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