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Sonoma Stillness

I opened my Red Dog blog tonight and realized that it has been over a year and half since I last posted. Astounding to me that time flies so fast and that I have not deemed it necessary to write another post. But life happens, trips are taken, vineyards are ripped out and replaced, and, well, just well… Stepping outside the front door with Honey tonight has compelled me to open the dreaded wordpress site and bang out my thoughts.

What first drew me to take a look outside was the silence; no constant rustle of leaves from the sometimes unrelenting winds of Sonoma Mountain, or the far off sound of farm implements bringing in the harvest. Even traffic in the distance seemed muffled and respectful of this quiet autumn equinox. I watch a few birds flying low, actually hearing their wings gently moving through the early night. And I realize this is a big reason why I live here…peace and serenity are not easy things to find nowadays.

Tonight as I write this, we have one block of pinot noir already picked and happily fermenting in their bins, another block of pinot that is soon to be harvested, and the biggest part of the vineyard planted to root stock that will be ready to be grafted in the spring. Farming is not the easiest and we can only hope going forward that the vineyard stays healthy. After the beautiful gift I was given tonight, one thing I know for sure is that this occupant at Red Dog Ranch will be happy.


“It’s not really drinking alone if your dog is home” – Honey


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