Oh! The mojitos…

The sound of pounding surf on crystalline beaches; salt spray and sand on skin and hair plumped by the humidity of a warm Caribbean breeze; the soft sway of the ship rocking you to sleep back and forth, back and forth; the steel drums playing the happy yet haunting beat of the islands; the thrill of ocean sailing on a 12 meter sailboat; sarongs and sandals, ocean swimming and snorkeling; counting the many colors of blue in the Caribbean waters; the mojitos. Oh, the mojitos…

(For all my friends in the Midwest (and elsewhere) click here to open up a new tab with some appropriate background music then either return to the post for my slideshow or pause first to enjoy the delightful images on the YouTube screen!)

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“I know I should be leaving this climate.
I got a verse but can’t rhyme it.
I gotta go where it’s warm. ” – J. Buffett

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One response to “Oh! The mojitos…

  1. My dear Honey;

    what a nice pictures…Your mom looks beatiful!!!
    I wish you were here when your mom will be in Istanbul in January. We will celebrate her 18 years birthday in a little fisherman village with the gypsy music and Turkish food.

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