“MY WINE WORDS” Tastes Ancien…

…2009 Sonoma Mountain Pinot Noir!

Peter (the wine expert) & Allie (the wine enthusiast) created MY WINE WORDS with the intention of defining wine in words of their own and inviting others to do the same. Click here to listen in as they talk about this vintage of my namesake, Red Dog. And please click on the MY WINE WORDS link above to hear more musings on their delightful site! Highly recommended and quite entertaining! And for those lucky people who live near Grand Rapids, MI stop in and look for Peter at Martha’s Vineyard Wine & Liquor Store. It has a most wonderful wine selection!

I confess I have been very lazy recently, even turned down an outside adventure with Mom so that I could go back upstairs to sleep. I think I am almost caught up on my napping and will try to write more often, especially since things are starting to heat up in the vineyard.

Love, Honey

Let sleeping dogs lie.” — Charles Dickens

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One response to ““MY WINE WORDS” Tastes Ancien…

  1. Very nice wine, and very nice words Deb

Please let me know what you think. Love, Honey

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