Need I say more?

While Mom and Dad slipped off to Michigan last week for a family gig, the grapes metamorphosed into beautiful, plump, purple berries! We still have a long way to go as harvest usually occurs about 45 days after verasion. That will put us into October again this year…too late to be harvesting grapes as we move into possible rains and stalled flavors due to the long hang time late in the year. Mom and I are at the ranch through Labor Day as we prepare to fertigate the rest of the vineyard, pull more laterals from the fruiting zone, trim and tuck canopy, and generally fuss over every little thing possible. Today we will pre-water for the organic fertilizer application on Friday and walk the vineyard looking for potential problems.

Hell, Michigan

Apparently Mom and Dad had a great time in Michigan..Hell, MI to be exact! Lots of good times with family and friends mountain biking awesome single track and kayaking the lake, with a lot of eat, drink, and be merry thrown in the mix.

Garlic Nirvana

If you have ever had Mom and Dad’s summer pasta with tomatoes and garlic, you know how much they love Allium sativum! One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Dyer Family Organic Farm near Ann Arbor, MI. Richard and Diana Dyer specialize in over 40 different varieties of soft and hard necked garlic. A visit to their farm was a delight for two “stinking rose” aficionados like Mom and Dad. (P.S.  Did you know that elephant garlic is actually a wild leek in disguise!)

I am still trying to recover from my vacation last week! Eric, Zephyr, and all the other kids at camp kept me pretty busy and I wasn’t able to get my quota of sleep. Now we have to take a walk in the vineyard…sigh.

Talk later,


“I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.” – Rita Rudner


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2 responses to “Verasion!

  1. Linda Knutson

    Hi Honey,

    Love the commentary about the goings on at your house. Hope you, Mom and Dad are well and…may you get all of the belly rubs you so deserve!

    Aunt Linda

    • Dear Aunt Linda, thank you for supporting me on my quest for more belly rubs! Mom was so excited when I told her you had written. She hopes someday you will visit and enjoy some Pinot (and of course give me some cookies and belly rubs)! We miss you! Love, Honey and Mom

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