Garden Surprises!

It’s August first and the vineyard is pretty well buttoned up for a bit so today we are going to talk about what Mom found in the garden while doing pruning and routine maintenance. The morning did start out early with a little bit of vineyard work as Mom put a big dose of water on the newly grafted swan block. They are growing like gangbusters and we are trying to encourage deep root production. The rest of the vineyard is not ready to be watered quite yet…their roots are pretty well developed and there was plenty of rain this year right into June.

But the garden…that is another matter. It is crazy overgrown and it was time to thin things out to give all the plants enough room to thrive.

Early this summer we had noticed a covey of quail hanging around the house and down by the pond. Imagine Mom’s surprise when she lifted a bush that needed trimming and found 11 small eggs, all hatched and surrounded by tiny little feathers. Of course Mom and Dad made a big deal about it complete with pictures while I was more interested in finding the birds so I could chase them and create all sorts of havoc.

The fruits of pruning, watering, and fussing in the garden are finally showing up. Mom ate the first peach off the tree today…shared it with Steve in appreciation for all the wonderful rock and dirt work he does every year at our place. (He is also one of my favorite people in the world as he always tries to sneak me cookies and gives me plenty of  ear and belly rubs! Mom always seems to catch the cookie part and he gets in trouble every time!) In addition there has been sightings of blackberries on cereal and strawberry shortcake. My kibble seems not so exciting.

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The flowers have gone crazy too, the Dahlias, black-eyed Susans, and Sunflowers are the best!!! And can anyone tell me what the Mystery Squash is? It showed up as a volunteer one day and Mom and Dad just let it carry on. Squash is very much like grapes…the seeds of a known variety, if planted, will not grow that specific variety. Go figure.

It’s late…tomorrow is another day and I need my beauty sleep! Good night all!


“How’s it going Mr. Peterson?” – Woody
“It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody, and I’m wearing milk bone underwear.” – Norm (from Cheers)

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One response to “Garden Surprises!

  1. Kris

    A very nice comprehensive report from the vineyard and garden. I’m sure the baby quail would have been fun to chase, but that would scare them and you need them to eat the bugs you don’t want in the garden. Enjoy the fruit. My dogs will pick berries right off the vine before we humans even get a chance to pick them.
    Looking forward to meeting you this fall.

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