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Honey says Hello!

Hello Pinotphiles!

This is my first blog and I am excited to get going on bringing all the news that’s fit to print to all you Pinot Noir lovers. As you know, I hang with a couple of people who love pinot so much they decided to put in a vineyard. So it will be my job to report on what’s happening in the world of Pinot as seen from the eyes of a little red dog who lives at Red Dog Vineyards on Sonoma Mtn. So please sit down, grab a glass of pinot and enjoy!

Here is what they had open last night: The first was a 2007 Islay Peak Pinot Noir from Edna Valley, a Central Coast winery. Purchased from Trader Joe’s at $9.99, it is a good value. Not too complex, but light and drinkable. Perfect summer wine. The second was a 2006 Nicholson Ranch Estate Sonoma Valley. Another easy drinking wine, and at around $16 on sale, a real value.

Short blog today…time for a truck ride to pick up pipe for drainage. Then maybe I’ll chase a bunny or two, and after that…nap time!!!


P.S. Finally, a shout out to my friend, Bird, for bugging me to do a wine blog. It may take off, it may fizzle out, but it’s worth a try. There are lots of wine drinkers out there in my network so I am hoping to bring them all together to share info and maybe a recipe or two! Hope you enjoy Honey’s musings.  Debbie


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